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Here’s one of my millions of stories….

My son Ted is gifted in music. He came home one day from first grade and started playing a song on the piano. I was amazed, since he had never taken piano lessons!  I asked him how he knew how to play that song and he said, “My teacher played it today in school!”  There you go!  He’s continued to teach himself piano, then keyboard and then guitar! Who knows what’s next…he absolutely amazes me!

One of Ted’s favorite shows growing up was “Today’s Special.” It was a wonderful show and it taught him so much. He wrote a tribute song to them and here it is. More of is songs can be found on youtube under “Ted Carney”! I’m sure he’d love it if you left a comment!


The Gift of Autism!

As we know, autism presents itself differently in everyone. So I can only make observations about my son. I learn lessons from him everyday because his approach to life is so different.

For example, he doesn’t see obstacles in life as I tend to do. So when my son said to me that he wanted to start up a Beatles Tribute Band, I naturally tried to tell him how I would do it. That was the absolutely wrong approach.

“Well,” I said, “Maybe you could post something on Craig’s List.” But that didn’t work. “Maybe we can run an ad in the paper,” I suggested. That didn’t work either.

“Well, maybe I’ll just go down and play in front of Starbucks, and other people will join my band.” That was Ted’s idea. And that’s exactly what happened!

If you’d like to make your own video like this, the easy way, click here!

Since that day, a year ago, Ted has played with many different people, including his sister. On this day, I remembered to bring my camera, so here it is!!

Ted’s pride and joy is his new Kurzweil keyboard which he has been saving up for over the last couple of years. It’s his pride and joy!